CARICATURES For Presentation

Not so much OFF-THE-WALL as ON-THE-WALL Cartooning!

Although I work entirely in digital format and supply work to clients via email, CD or DVD, there is just one kind of job that requires me to supply my artwork as hand-signed hard- copy. I refer, of course, to the presentation cartoon.

These highly personal cartoons are often commissioned to commemorate a promotion, retirement, a birthday or other celebratory occasion which demands a truly original gift. Caricatures may be commisioned by a large corporation, such as Barclays Bank, smaller businesses or private individuals. Sometimes the occasion can be memorable rather than celebratory, such as the one depicting the gentleman meeting Prince Philip in a hastily borrowed suit, several sizes too large!

Every caricaturist has their own style and approach. Mine is to draw fairly realistically, avoiding heavy exaggeration, and to include many elements within the caricature which relate to the subject, as you can see from the examples here.

DRAW CARICATURE, a book written and illustrated by myself with two colleagues, is currently on sale in the UK and the USA, published by New Holland Publishers. Available from bookshops and on Amazon.

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